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Monday, 28 March, 2011


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Not quite doing nothing here, buy cialis but not a lot.

I’ve not been playing RIFT, plague in fact I’ve cancelled my subscription already. It wasn’t giving me anything that WoW wasn’t giving me, and that’s not much.

Not been playing Warcraft either lately.

Been playing Assassin’s Creed.


Monday, 7 March, 2011


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It’s been quite some time since I last posted hasn’t it.

There’s been a few changes in my gaming.. I’m playing Rift at the moment, food and it is fairly decent, side effects though to be honest you could quite easily justify the claim that it is a WoW Clone. Certainly most of the hotkeys are the same, which of course means that the core facilities offered are likewise similar.

I’ve been enjoying leveling up in Rift, just like I enjoy leveling up in WoW. There’s not a hell of a lot to differentiate them , WoW has a stronger “lore” and long quest chains are mostly missing in Rift, or at least they aren’t anything like so obvious. Of course Rift has better quality graphics (in some ways), but only excited 8 year olds think that makes a real difference. In other ways Wow wins out, particularly in the animation department.

The Rift economy is obviously young, I’ve taken some gathering professions, and found there are a number of items that you can’t sell on the AH for any kind of profit. Earning the 250 gold it costs to buy a mount was really hard. I was struggling to make the money, and then, on the day I finally did it I earned a further 150 gold from the AH in one day – The reason being that I’d coincidentally finally reached the area of the beginner zone that had the more valuable items.

On the plus side, I do quite like the eponymous Rift events, though they seem perhaps a too frequent, I’m feeling that they may lose their novelty value pretty soon.

On the down side, no guild chat.. they’re almost all still playing WoW.

And finally, why am I playing Rift instead of WoW? Frankly, I think I’d become a little too addicted to WoW and my guildies, so I’m weaning myself off MMO’s by playing something similar, yet different, and less captivating. No guild chat removes one of the more addictive features. Blizzard did their own job of removing some of the other addicting features when they released Cataclysm..

I don’t do reputation grinding, it’s like having to eat custard for starters, main and pudding.

Constantly wiping just removed a lot of the fun and gave me performance anxiety.

So really, wow wasn’t doing it for me anymore.

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