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Tuesday, 30 August, 2011

Guild hunting

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In my run up to playing Star Wars the old republic, online I’ve decided I’d join a guild.

It may seem pointless what with the game still being a good few months off, this but I’m bored, store so whatevs.

The main SWTOR site has a “search for guild” page that lets you see what guilds have been created according to your criteria. Thing is, it doesn’t really seem to help.. So I started to trawl through the thousands of pages listing guild recruitment. Well, trawl is a bit strong, I dipped in and out.

Now theres a difficulty in trying to find a nice guild…. all you can ever really see is the guild charter, the membership posts are usually well hidden away and inaccessible until you join, Catch 22. Anyway the 99% of the charters say “no arseholes” (in summary), and that doesn’t really give you much idea of what the guild is like… fair enough you can also tell a lot by other requirements like “must be prepared to raid 20-30 hours a week”, but once you’ve cut the obvious hardcore out you are still left with 200000000000 billion guilds.

So “pot luck” time it was.

I joined the SUNRIDERS and took a week long look at their forums etc, and got a feel for how things were. And decided it might not be for me. Now, my leaving is NOT a criticism of the SUNRIDERS. They are a nice bunch of people, and I could certainly have gotten along with them. As a guild they’ve not decided if they’re going to PvP, PvE, RP or not and so on, they won’t be deciding that until much closer to the game. I left because my general feeling was that there was quite a strong lore contingent, many of them are more into the SW Universe than I personally am comfortable with. My feelings to SW are based very much on the few hours of films, and a couple of books I read 10 20 years ago (or more). It’s fun, but not anything I’d bother trying to remember. Take the name, apparently SUNRIDER is someone from the SW Lore.. which almost certainly has a bias on the joinees.

Another thing that put me off was how, when I mentioned that I blog, the Guild Leader immediately started another thread reminding us of the “no disrepect” rule. Now that’s already in the guild charter, and frankly I don’t do well with being reminded of something I’d read no more than a couple of days ago….

So onto “The Casual Travellers“..
I’ve been in this guild for an entire day, so can’t comment much, but so far, they seem friendly, not overly concerned with the SW universe as far a Lore goes, and already specifically aiming to be a “casual” guild that will probably casually raid. So far they come across not unlike the Munquis, even down to a pan-european membership. There are a couple of differences from the munq’s … at the moment there seems to be a few hardware junkies, discussing headsets, machine specs and the like. The average age is is surprisingly high, and a high “male” contingent, moreso than in the sunriders and much moreso than the Munquis. I’m not letting this freak me out, in fact it conforms to my expectations (read sterotypes), after all this is a pre-game guild and all of those are going to have a membership bias (read obsessive?).

We’ll see how it goes. Who knows maybe next week I’ll be in yet another guild, though this one looks like it should be comfy with a some banter appearing in the forums already.

 meanwhile… back to playing Mass Effect 2, a surprisingly decent game!

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