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Friday, 5 August, 2011

SWTOR podcasts, pre-release and so on.

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I’ve just started listening to podcasts on Star Wars, ed not something I usually do. Normally they’re boring.

But I’ve pre-ordered my copy of the game.. not that I really needed to, there but since I know I’m going to buy it anyway I thought I might a well do so now.

Anyway, case I’m listening to the Darth-Hater podcast and there was a discussion on classes, and which ones are going to be oversubscribed. One of the more hard-core contributers (that’s player, not fanboi) said he didn’t care, because he was going to be one of the best whichever class he played.

Soo not me!

What I want to know which class isn’t going to be ridiculously popular and still reasonably easy.

In World of Warcraft this was the Healer, not needing quite so much situational awareness as the Tank, and not as popular as “DPS”. The middle ground as it were… Being a Tank is too hard, DPS is quite easy, but is too easy to be replaced. As a healer I was useful even if I wasn’t too good at it.. As a DPS I would probably simply be so rubbish that I’d get kicked from most groups. Also DPS were “measurable” and I’m not keen on being ranked any more significantly than on the scale of rubbish, competant, excellent.

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