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Monday, 19 September, 2011

Guild update and Beta issues

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Yea, this web so I’m still with The Casual Travellers (TcT). No worries with this guild so far, and they still seem like a decent bunch, with a smattering of madmen to spice things up.

Beta, I’m sure this is of very little interest, but there’s been a host of flak about the Beta testing phase.

Bioware originally said that there would be some Beta Testing weekends in September, there was one weekend, and since then nothing. Now Bioware have claimed that it was a success and that they postponed the other beta testing weekends because there’s another build in progress and it would be unfair to have people download a huge file twice.


I’m not buying this..

1. New client releases don’t come out of the blue,
2. They originally said that if you were in the 1st weekend you wouldn’t get into another (I think that’s what they said)

So it doesn’t stack up!

What I think happened is they ran the weekend and maybe found some issues with the game client. But I think these are minor. What I think happened is that they found the back-end load was much higher than expected.

I think that previously they’ve been running @ 10% expected logins and seen 10% server load. And the beta weekend they cranked up to say 50% expected logins and saw a non-linear server load, e.g. they expected to see 50% load and instead saw 85%!

This sort of thing wouldn’t impact what was seen at the client end, but seriously impacts what would happen on release day.

*That is what I think has happened, and Bioware are spinning everything around and hiding back-end system stuff because the testers at the front end never see it so it’s easier to hide.

Interestingly I’ve recently heard mooted a release date in 2012, and that doubly makes me think it’s a Back End issue. If, for example, it’s a database restructure that’s required this would be massively easier to do with before release (0 users) than attempt to migrate 1 million users later.

I declare the Download Client size a red-herring!


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