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Monday, 10 October, 2011

Cunnning plan

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First off, click



TcT (The Casual Travellers), breast still there, cheap not been scared off by the other members.

It’s awfully little to report, but then we have no game and so no drama, or even much interesting.
Wanting game now please.

Next up: Faffing around


I have a spangly smartphone that can run Ventrillo, unfortunately it looks like T-Mobile block ventrillo, the bastards! I’ve done a fair bit of hacking to try to get around this problem, using my home linux machine (a pogoplug) as a “relay”, but although a small amount of progress was made using a program called socat, I haven’t yet managed it. Ah well, these things are sent to try us.  So no vent on my mobile, not that I actually want it yet.


Theres a game service out there called OnLive, it’s a fairly clever concept… you actually run a game on the OnLive servers and it just sends the video to your machine (and of course reacts to your keystrokes and mouse). This means your home pc can be a really weak machine without any Uber memory or Uber graphics card.

I tried the new UK servers and it works surprisingly well, it automatically adjusts the video quality if your bitrate drops a little, 1.8 Mbit is about the point where it gets unpleasant.

The lag doesn’t seem bad at all, certainly its quick enough to play an MMO with its enforced 1 Second global cooldown.

Unfotunately OnLive don’t have any proper MMO’s, a huge shame.

Anyway, if you read posts on forums about OnLive (and there are a couple of other startups looking into this area) there’s an awful lot of uninformed poo poo-ing that simply doesn’t agree with my actual experience. The fairly usual people sounding off authoritatively about a subject they know nothing about. A shame, they could easily trial games for quite a few minutes on OnLive to get a real impression of how it works. Warning I think OnLive is highly dependent on your broadband line, torrents, YouTube, less than 3Mbit or being in a different country will probably severely impact your experience.


This is sort of similar to OnLive, only within your own house. So you have a game running on a PC and actually control it from another PC in the same house. It sounds pretty stupid, but actually with the advent of netbooks it isn’t as stupid as you might think. I’ve tried it and it kind of works. Unfortunately it is nothing like as slick as the OnLive experience, it does work, and might at a push be enough to play WoW, lag seems worse. I’ll be doing a little more experimentation. The company isn’t quite dead, but there was a over a year between major upgrade versions and they’ve only recently released 2.0 which I guess is only an incremental update to 1.9.

I’m thinking of bunging them 10$ just to try a less crippled version — 640×480 video isn’t enough to play e.g. WoW.

The biggest downside is that you have to have your own PC dedicated to “serving” the game.


Now, that’s 2 reviews of services that let you play a “power-game” on a netbook. You might just be asking yourself “why”? Well, I have a girlfriend who doesn’t play with me, and she only has a netbook which is incapable of running any modern 3D games. I’d like to try to get her playing an MMO with me, but that makes for hardware outlay, either a bigger laptop (which I doubt she would like), or a desktop, and both of those mean a $$$$ layout in time of recession.

Now a desktop means core hardware, monitor, keyboard and so on. If I can skip stream a game from a PC to a netbook I can skip the cost of a monitor and also retain portability WIN-WIN.


Yup, no actual conclusions…. just ramblings.

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