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Friday, 30 December, 2011

Almost the new year

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I see it’s been quite some time since I updated this. The main reason is, glaucoma of course, gerontologist lack of anything to say. But just to stop this blog from dying I’m gonna post anyway. So more ramblings for you!

I’ve been playing a fair bit of SW:TOR when I’ve been finding time. My progression has been slow, healthful mainly due to the server queues. I’m quite a causal player and seeing queue times of half an hour or more makes me play on a different server. I’ve now got characters spread over three servers;

The Red Eclipse

I have just one character on this server, it’s my guild (The Casual Travellers) server. This is my “main”, a level 16 healing Smuggler. Until recently she’s been neglected due to the queue times, but finally these seem to be settling down and so I’m finally getting to play on here more often.

Eye of Ashlanae

Two characters, both Imperial. This server is the unoffical second server for my guild, and you can often find our guild leader on here. Many of us retreat to this server when the queues become annoying because¬†it’s never full. I’ve a couple of level 10 ish toons on this one.

Hidden Beks

This is the Munqui Tribe server and I’ve a couple of very low level Republic toons parked here. Unfortunately this server also suffers from queues almost as badly as the Red Eclipse, so, with regret, I nearly always hit the “Eye” instead of coming on here.¬† I say with regret because I know the Munqui’s and a finer bunch of people you would be very hard pressed to guild with.

Having so many characters means I’m leveling much slower than everyone else.. I know of at least one TcT on Red who now has two level capped toons, and I’m pretty sure that by now there are some Munquis on Beks with near capped characters. But, I’m here for the scenery, and I’m not going to rush. At least my “main” at level 16 is finally getting enough healing capability to actually start feeling like I am playing a healer of sorts, And I’m starting to engage more with the game. Even to the point of running a couple of dungeons Flash Points, though these are with pickup groups as I’m right at the bottom of the “leveling” ladder within the TcT.

Sunday, 4 December, 2011


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I was in waterstones the other day and noticed that Sherri Tepper ha a new book out. This was a surprise, global burden of disease I thought she had stopped writing. Anyway, allergist I’ve not bought it yet, try but I did re-read an old book of her’s a few months ago. A book called Grass.

I remember the first couple of times I read it, many years ago, I thought it was a jolly good romp with goody’s and baddy’s human and very alien. I re-read it earlier this year and the book I read was word for word the same, and yet what I read was a book about disease, and despair, and bullying and resilience. Even a “love” scene near the end was coloured differently.

Most odd, more than a little strange.

I wonder if I would encounter such a peculiar perspective shift were I to revisit WoW? Certainly the colours would be very different! The game for me became much more than pixels, and without the people it would become much much less again.

I am aware with SW:TOR that I’m taking a gamble and hoping that I will bond with the guild I’m in to the point where once again a game becomes “other”, because at the moment. I’ve played about 10 hours of Beta and I can say…. “it’s a game”.. I’ve played better and I’ve played worse.

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