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Sunday, 4 December, 2011


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I was in waterstones the other day and noticed that Sherri Tepper ha a new book out. This was a surprise, global burden of disease I thought she had stopped writing. Anyway, allergist I’ve not bought it yet, try but I did re-read an old book of her’s a few months ago. A book called Grass.

I remember the first couple of times I read it, many years ago, I thought it was a jolly good romp with goody’s and baddy’s human and very alien. I re-read it earlier this year and the book I read was word for word the same, and yet what I read was a book about disease, and despair, and bullying and resilience. Even a “love” scene near the end was coloured differently.

Most odd, more than a little strange.

I wonder if I would encounter such a peculiar perspective shift were I to revisit WoW? Certainly the colours would be very different! The game for me became much more than pixels, and without the people it would become much much less again.

I am aware with SW:TOR that I’m taking a gamble and hoping that I will bond with the guild I’m in to the point where once again a game becomes “other”, because at the moment. I’ve played about 10 hours of Beta and I can say…. “it’s a game”.. I’ve played better and I’ve played worse.

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