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Tuesday, 10 April, 2012

The whole story or just part of the story.

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One of the things I’m liking at the moment about FF XIV is the story. It’s nothing great, visit this but for me it is the way the story is being introduced. I’m only low level at the moment, cure so this could all go away as I level up, but certainly at the low level the story telling is very different.

In SWTOR as a smuggler you start off losing your ship to another smuggler… and that’s the start of the “Chapter 1” of your class quests.. all of the class quests from here on in are a single “story-arc” aimed at getting your ship back. It sounds cool, but really it’s quite a bit of highly directed deliver this, kill that style of questing. Mostly you don’t really know what you are going to do next until someone tells you to do it.


In FF you don’t really have a class quest at the low level, you all go through the same main storylines… different stories per starting area (there are 3). This could be rubbish, but actually while you are doing these small quests there are cutscenes, Unusally, in several of these you, as a character as well as a player, are just the observer. These cutscenes are story telling, you’re just in the right place at the right time to overhear conversations you probably shouldn’t have, their purpose is to progress the story-arc. Introduce the  lore as it were. Making you-the-character and you-the-player both experience the same event as an observer provides an interesting dimension. Anyway, by discovering that there are significant things going on that started before you arrived on the scene, and that have been going on while you’ve been tootling around killing rats all helps to give the story a sense of anticipation.


I’ve not explained well, I’ll try again –  in SWTOR you are the main character, the world pretty much revolves about you. In FF XIV you are the adventurer caught up in events that are much larger than you.

You pays your money and you takes your choice.

P.S don’t get me wrong – there’s still a lot of FF XIV that sucks.

Flowers the Archer

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I’ve got 2 characters in FFXIV.. the subscription model is not what I was expecting.

For FFXIV you pay a base subscription of about £4/month… that gets you nothing as far as I can tell.

Then extra characters cost about £2.10. So the minimum fee is really about 6 pounds a month.

I have a thaumaturge and an archer. Both on Ragnarok and both with the same surname Equiphile.


Heres a screenie of my Archer taken from a cutscene, patient so the image quality is a fair bit better than when I’m actually playing.

Sunday, 8 April, 2012

That’s wierd

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This week I finally managed to level Flowers the smuggler up to the end of Chapter 1 of her storyline.

And then I stopped playing. Cancelled my subscription and everything.

That was a surprise, information pills even to me, recipe but then I went and subscribed to Final Fantasy XIV. Yup, that old game that isn’t actually very good!

I think my main reason for going back to FF XIV is twofold; I really didn’t get on with the lack of humour in SWTOR while FFXIV has a decent amount of this seasoning. There’s something about the graphics in FFXIV that does it for me.

The UI, despite the recent patches, still smells, and it is still a grindy game. But it’s much less of a shock after coming from SWTOR than it was after coming from WOW.

Anyway, there you are.. I’m now playing a different MMORPG again.

Monday, 2 April, 2012


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I’ve been playing quite a bit, buy information pills mostly trying to get to the end of  “Chapter 1” in the smuggler’s class story. It’s not gone too badly, see at level 29 I managed to complete all of the quests up to what I think is the final quest, where I get to kill the bugger that nicked my starship way back on the starting planet.

Most of the quests were some levels above me and required judicious use of crowd control and the Stealth Generator Overload spell, I’m not sure of it’s real name, but basically it takes you out of combat – much like WoW Hunter’s Feign Death. Basically I was taking the fights in 2 phases.. the first was to CC the main elite and then whittle away at the “support” mobs that have low health and do too much damage. Then disengage and switch to full on healer mode for the main boss where I concentrate entirely on keeping Corso Riggs (tank) alive and let him slowly, oh so slowly, beat the boss down.

Unfortunately the last fight is a one-on-one with a level 33… 4 levels above me. Too rich for my liking, so I’ve gone back to grind a few levels before I try again.


While I’ve been tootling around I’ve seen a number of “interesting” comments in General Chat, to do with other players “having to “re-roll” new characters on the Red Eclipse because their previous server was too low population to be worth playing on.

This resonated with me because, basically, that’s exactly what I’ve done.. left my Munqui character on “Hidden Beks” and come back here.

General Chat is also quite full of adverts for guilds… this is mildly interesting because when I see one I usually go to /who and do a hunt for members of the advertised guild, 95% of the time there’s no more than 5 members of the guild online..

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