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Monday, 2 April, 2012


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I’ve been playing quite a bit, buy information pills mostly trying to get to the end of  “Chapter 1” in the smuggler’s class story. It’s not gone too badly, see at level 29 I managed to complete all of the quests up to what I think is the final quest, where I get to kill the bugger that nicked my starship way back on the starting planet.

Most of the quests were some levels above me and required judicious use of crowd control and the Stealth Generator Overload spell, I’m not sure of it’s real name, but basically it takes you out of combat – much like WoW Hunter’s Feign Death. Basically I was taking the fights in 2 phases.. the first was to CC the main elite and then whittle away at the “support” mobs that have low health and do too much damage. Then disengage and switch to full on healer mode for the main boss where I concentrate entirely on keeping Corso Riggs (tank) alive and let him slowly, oh so slowly, beat the boss down.

Unfortunately the last fight is a one-on-one with a level 33… 4 levels above me. Too rich for my liking, so I’ve gone back to grind a few levels before I try again.


While I’ve been tootling around I’ve seen a number of “interesting” comments in General Chat, to do with other players “having to “re-roll” new characters on the Red Eclipse because their previous server was too low population to be worth playing on.

This resonated with me because, basically, that’s exactly what I’ve done.. left my Munqui character on “Hidden Beks” and come back here.

General Chat is also quite full of adverts for guilds… this is mildly interesting because when I see one I usually go to /who and do a hunt for members of the advertised guild, 95% of the time there’s no more than 5 members of the guild online..

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