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Wednesday, 31 August, 2016

More testing

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I have tried to fix a couple of the issues.

Duplicate Locations

The duplicate locations was due to very very poor management of the “android lifecycle” of my application meaning that the second time it was started there was a LOT of old code still running from the last time, in effect I ended up with 2 location listeners and so on.

This has been partially fixed, though there is still a fair bit more to do to get it perfect

Deep Sleep

Apparently deep sleep doesn’t just affect “running” code, it also affects code that wants to wake up at a certain time.
Resolved by learning yet another android API!
The code now seems to reliably wake up every 30 seconds to take a sample.


The “Fused Location API” ass recommended by google is not nice, it doesn’t tell me the “true source” of the data, so I have to deduce it through other means. What I’ve seen so far is..

  • Locations with really large accuracy errors seem to be cell tower locations, and don’t come with elevation
  • There are quite a lot of locations with an accuracy from 24m upwards .. these *seem* to be WiFi locations, when plotted on a map they are often off track and near houses. Potentially they have some value (I could for example snap the location to the nearest track), but would require coding to get usable.
  • In order of “goodness” for points with moderate accuracy (>24m) it seems to be no elevation = poor, “velocity” look to be good, as do points with “bearings”

The sequence of locations seems to be ..
wakeup, ask for location updates, get a rough location in about 5 seconds, get a better (32m) location within about 10 seconds, get a pretty good (10m) location about 15 seconds after wakeup.

So .. my options appear to be:
I can wait for better accuracy this would be a simple code change
I can force the GPS to be running full time on the phone so that it doesn’t have to wait ~15sec to get a good fix (though this might be reduced if I got a good fix in the previous request)
I can get the phone to wakeup before the watch, and start to pre-emptively get a good fix so that a good fix is already there for the watch when it wakes up — I could probably even insist on a GPS fix .. in effect transferring the battery drain from the watch to the phone.

I’ll work on this albeit at my usual slow pace.

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