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Sunday, 18 September, 2016

wharncliffe test

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Autoselect Routes to display : simply use bounding boxes

Alongside raw route information, stash expected update frequency? So that long straight stretches where the rider isn’t expected to go wrong dont update as often, but as they approach corners the refresh rate goes up.

Segment the compass/bearing rotation so that there aren’t as many refreshes (depends on how strongly google redraw the map)
Allow the blue dot to move up the page a way before bringing it back to “below-center” .. again google may already do this

Tested code with a 15 second recording interval.
A couple of bug revealed themselves.
One where the code seemed to resurrect itself and then fell over because it had cleaned itself up.
One where the map stopped updating after I had accidentally “dismissed” the program while it was recording. Hopefully this will be reproducable.
One where it took longer than 15 seconds to get a good lock, rx and consequently the next 15 seconds boundary was fairly far away,
though I feel that this may not actually be wrong.

Battery consumption was
Before run: 6% in approx 1h20m = 4% per hour
During Recording: 25% in 2h 10m = 11.5% per hour
While Running: 35% in 3h 5m = 11.4% per hour

so @15 second intervals (actually a little less) = 7.5% per hour
pretty decent .. would give about 7 hours recording on 80% battery .. and I think it could be improved by deleting some background apps from my watch..

Friday, 16 September, 2016

Still testing

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Things are slowly getting better.
GPS Tracking is nor working reasonably well at 30 second intervals, it generally takes about 15 seconds to get a decent quality fix, though I have to throw away 2 or three dodgy fixes before then.
I’m still getting the odd crash when I try to use it in reality .. most seem to be related to what happens if the app gets pushed off-screen by a notification or whatever… still improving here too.

To be honest things are beginning to approach the point where I might consider it usable, though there’s still some iffyness and missing features.
The current bugbears are:
The map isn’t always showing with direction of travel upwards – I think this is something to do with getting “bearing” direct from the GPS
It is recording elevations of ZERO to the GPS log .. I should trim these.
I’ve seen cases where the blue-blob in the map doesn’t seem to have a “history-path aka breadcrumb” joining it, which is weird.

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