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Friday, 16 September, 2016

Still testing

Filed under: WearRoutes — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 11:40 am

Things are slowly getting better.
GPS Tracking is nor working reasonably well at 30 second intervals, it generally takes about 15 seconds to get a decent quality fix, though I have to throw away 2 or three dodgy fixes before then.
I’m still getting the odd crash when I try to use it in reality .. most seem to be related to what happens if the app gets pushed off-screen by a notification or whatever… still improving here too.

To be honest things are beginning to approach the point where I might consider it usable, though there’s still some iffyness and missing features.
The current bugbears are:
The map isn’t always showing with direction of travel upwards – I think this is something to do with getting “bearing” direct from the GPS
It is recording elevations of ZERO to the GPS log .. I should trim these.
I’ve seen cases where the blue-blob in the map doesn’t seem to have a “history-path aka breadcrumb” joining it, which is weird.

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