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Friday, 8 September, 2017

Kerv Contactless Payment Ring Review

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Edit 2018-12-29

Well, that’s taken the shine off things a bit! It looks like my Kerv Ring has died after less than 18 months!

Edit 2017-12-08:

This post on my Kerv ring has attracted a few comments, some of them not so great!

The most worrying ones are the ones from the original KickStarter backers, it seems that a fair number have not received their rings and have great difficulties getting acceptable responses to their inquiries. Read the comments and you’ll have to decide for yourself if this business should receive your money – I’ve already paid and it would be cutting my nose off to spite my face to stop using it!

Ring in the changes!

A while ago I bought a kerv ring, which is a ring you wear that lets you (usually) make a contactless payment without needing to pull out any cards/phones/watches. I thought I’d post some of my experience with it. To see what it looks like visit the site, it’s glossy!


The ring costs £100 which is a fair bit, though it does occasionally go on sale for £80. Its worth noting that that cost is not strictly a one-off – it’s going to expire in 4 years according to the FAQ. I think of it as £25 a year / £2 a month, which doesn’t hurt as much.


Frankly this wasn’t a great experience, I ordered mine at the end of June and it took nearly a month to arrive, which to be fair was pretty much as long as they said it would take. It would have been nice if they’d said 4 weeks and then delivered in 2 weeks. After 3 weeks I did change my “colour” choice to speed things up a bit too.


I have to say, the kerv team were very responsive to my emails, getting back to me within a day.

Using it

When it works, and it does work a lot of the time, it’s great.

Occasionally I have to do the “fist bump” twice, and sadly not quite *every* payment terminal accepts it. There’s a terminal in my local Maplin’s that doesn’t like it, so you won’t leaving your wallet at home – not that every shop accepts contactless anyway.

It is a pre-pay system, so you have to make sure you top-up regularly, or you can enable the auto-topup system. Which believe me after you’ve suffered the embarassment of declined payments you’ll seriously think about.

Oh, and you get a “virtual card” if you need yet another card!

What’s good

  • Its always with me
  • Decentish range of colours
  • Easy to use and keep topped up.
  • It’s tough, I’m hard on things I wear, very hard. And it’s not showing signs of scratching.
  • It’s comfortable, it’s not “square”, it has a rounded inner profile that works very well.

What’s not so good

Because I do gripe!

  • It doesn’t always work first time, and for specific terminals, not at all. Probably not the ring’s fault.
  • Longish delivery time.
  • The Statements only show when and how much you spent.
  • The ring sizes probably don’t go low enough – only as low as a UK M. I bought a size N for my little finger (I have small hands), and that is loose on all of my girlfriends fingers.


I like my ring, it’s convenient and has a certain cool factor. I feel a little smug every time I see someone fiddling with their phone to pay for something.

Would I buy another one in 4 years, yes I would!

Could I live without it? Yes, it’s not a critical part of my life, I usually have a wallet on me.

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