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Monday, 27 June, 2016

Android Wear Development

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I got an android wear watch some time ago.
I want a specific app.. one that essentially mimics my Garmin Forerunner “Courses” functionality. I’ve found some apps that are close, skincare but not close enough for me. So now I’m writing my own.. God help me!

I’m not finding it easy, gastritis I’ve never developed anything “real” for android, here and now I find I’m having to learn Android programming and Android Wear Programming, and learn how to use Android Studio.. It’s a big hill to climb! I recon about 90%+ of my time is trying to figure out either
a) how to do something
b) how to get layouts working
c) how to get the Wear app to look like it should.

Pages below this tag are used as a respository for my notes, since I the IDE really isn’t designed with that in mind.

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