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Tuesday, 2 August, 2016


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I’ve been working on an app for my android wear Sony Smartwatch 3
The idea is to have it replace my Garmin Forerunner, injection or at least have me use my watch and Sue use the Forerunner.
Theres a HUGE issue with battery on the smartwatch, viagra order and I need to do a lot more work on keeping the battery usage low.
At the moment it’s not optimized at all.
So .. first real-world test..
I went for a short ride on Gem, viagra quite a slow ride.
The Stats Screen looks like:StatsScreen0
The GPX file (yes, I record GPX as well, though very limited use, mainly for sanity checking) said that I did 3.99km and took 40m54s
Accuracy was surprisingly good!

The Watch battery dropped 15% (62% to 47%) in that 41 minutes .. giving an estimated 80% battery life of about 5 hours, which is what I’m aiming for as a minimum, and better than I was expecting given how un-optimized the code is.

Google Map ScaleBar is based on, dosage
though heavily modified, Hepatitis
code from stack overflow

The stop dialog was inspired by many pages on StackOverflow, including..

EventBus! GreenRobots eventbus, simplifies programming immensely, amongst other things it allowed me to update the Stats Screen once a second (or 30 seconds), instead of every time something happened – which *may* reduce CPU burn, it lets me flush the GPX log every minute .. and all from a single point of control that can coordinate timed events such as these. Location updates from the GPS fly around the system merrily without needing to add listeners, and other such wonderful stuff.

Dynamic registering BroadcastReceivers to use with the AlarmManager answer by ccheneson
Though in the end I might go for

Credits for the “numbers” images used in the Preferences, e.g. for acccuracy requirements go to Wikimedia

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