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Thursday, 30 June, 2016


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Currently not supporting LITE mode
might be able to fix by having 2 layouts one in lite and one not
Currently not supporting dynamic changes of map type correctly
this probably needs a change to the gridviewadapter to remove and rebuild the map containing fragment

Currently Dont switch map mode on entering ambient

Fixed:Not entering Ambient mode:
issue was <
android:keepScreenOn=”true” />

Defect: when porting back to RouteDisplayGMaps Wear the action pages weren’t displaying correctly
setting target SDK in gradle build (wear) to 22 displayed them
setting target SDK in gradle build (wear) to 21 displayed them
setting target SDK in gradle build (wear) to 20 displayed them
hmm.. there was a minSDK setting alsoe
setting to:
minSdkVersion 23
targetSdkVersion 23
= grey screen!

minSdkVersion 20
targetSdkVersion 23
= grey screen
comment minsdk = grey screen
uninstall/ re-run = OK
set to + uninstall
minSdkVersion 20
targetSdkVersion 22
works fine, doctor gradle matches manifest now

DEFECT: WAY too much coupling between the location listener and the map containing fragment.
more code should be moved into the MapSwipeToZoomFragment

DEFECT: resize map images when displaying in ManageMaps

Stack Overflow suggests:

Set Width and height to fill_parent for imageviews and set layout_weight=1 for all imageviews. Also set Attribute android:scaleType="fitXY"

and also

 android:src="@drawable/image200" />



RESOLVED: have to tap screen twice to exit ambient
Resolution was to invalidate the topmost container in onExitAmbient.
“android wear map” is OK
So I removed all the other maps (and fixed a bug where onExitAmbient wasn’t being called for my fragment 00), sale but it still needs 2 clicks!
even removed the remaining map, information pills problem is still present.
Issue is somewhere else!
Original GridViewPager when made ambient aware ALSO suffers from this problem!
It happens for the GridViewPager , even for just one card even if the card is a “CustomFragment”
If the card is touched/moved then ambient is exited fully
Trying to post a touch event 100milis after exit ambient.
didn’t work.
sending invalidate on root layout does work however

map view type selection looks poor .. a better solution would be to create some SVG examples
Map in ambient is poor.. there isn’t much to see .. might as well have a grid and no background .. it’s more efficient anyway

Note: SwipeDismissLayout has an onDismiss listener
could be useful!

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