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Monday, 27 June, 2016

Non UI Functionality

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After some time I realized my UI was pants and really not suited to real-world usage, ampoule using two fingers to zoom a map while riding a horse really isn’t safe, visit web and barely doable, visit this so I’ve reworked the map display interface from a single map with too much chrome, zoom buttons, compass, location, all of which are tiny buttons to something like:

Main Application

Start Screen Manage Routes Launch Preferences Tutorial and Help
Information Panel#1 Information Panel#2
Map Lowest Zoom
~400 miles
~200 miles
~100 miles
~50 miles
~25 miles
… you get the idea
Tilted Map
~400 miles
Tilted Map
~200 miles
Tilted Map
~100 miles
Tilted Map
~50 miles
Tilted Map
~25 miles
… you get the idea
Exit screen (might include other stuff)

Preferences Activity

Looks like a standard Andriod Wear settings page (not like a standard Android settings page!)

Heading (scrolls up)
When On Show… (icon) Map, Route, Track (icon) Map, Route (icon) NoMap, Route, Track (icon) Just Route
When Off Show… (icon) Map, Route, Track (icon) Map, Route (icon) NoMap, Route, Track (icon) Just Route


Core Functionality: route folder.. (Phone initially)
Core Functionality: Provide “import” + manage (Phone initially)
Core Functionality: Sync Route to Watch (Push AND Pull)
Route-Picker (mid term?) .. separate from Manage though subset of functionality
Provide multi-scale simplified routes (scale every factor of 8 aka 3 zooms) to Watch to reduce rendering overhead
Force highest Quality to be “???” points, arthritis
next quality ???/8, treatment
next ???/64, illness etc never less than 32 points? (possibly user configurable)
Core Functionality?: Implement permission requests *CORRECTLY* .. i.e. request obvious ones @startup and less necessary on demand .. requires delaying loading functionality!

Implement compass
Core Functionality: Auto Select Routes for display .. handle overlapping routes?
.. on overlapping options : display-all / pick route(s)
Detect Route Started
Detect travel along route (needs to be able to handle auto reverse)
Message when leaving route, switching routes, switching paths which cross?
Warn when approaching a corner, crossing route .. not as easy as it could be, but can at least detect bends in the track, though not junctions
Ambient delay .. call setAmbientEnabled true/false in a separate timer?
Open from email
Open from File
Scope Creep! Upload to MyMaps
Scope Creep! Upload to GPSies
Scope Creep! Live Tracking .. multiple site capability?

Far Off
Waypoints .. + buzz
Auto Waypoints on corners and route crossing
Simplify Routes by Distance not Lat/Lng
Scope Creep! Import direct from gpsies
Possible Scope Creep! Import direct from MyMaps
Scope Creep! Import kml (need layer selector?)

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