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Monday, 27 June, 2016

UI Functionality

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I think I should include the following User Interface functionality:
When app is NOT finished with (aka manually stopped) it should display a notification when swiped off the screen for easy resume

Should be able to display a confirmation dialog on swipe to dismiss.. or long press to “hide” feature
Should be able to automatically display route(s) within X miles/km of the current location
Add Miles/KM to preferences
Implement the preferences on the maps
Show a scale on the maps .. at the moment there’s no easy way to see how far ahead I’m looking
Make the maps “faster”
.. background loading, read
.. possibly re-using map fragments – though I dont know if this is faster/more CPU efficient
Implement the “Track” capability
Implement saving (and uploading) gpx recording
Implement swithing to local GPS if Phnoe GPS fails
Display toasts in several places
provide a Tutorial
provide help on Settings
overlay a single item of information on the Map .. avg speed?
swap overlay on a schedule (runs risk of battery drain)
respond to gestures (is this sensible.. won’t they be detected as the user moves around?)

Things I *have* managed to do:
embed map at multiple zooms so you can swipe left/right to zoom in/out
got a preferences page working (based on denley and LadyViktoria code and then further tuned)

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