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Monday, 27 June, 2016

UI Shape

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After some time I realized my UI was pants and really not suited to real-world usage, using two fingers to zoom a map while riding a horse really isn’t safe, buy and barely doable, so I’ve reworked the map display interface from a single map with too much chrome, zoom buttons, compass, location, all of which are tiny buttons to something like:

Main Application

Start Screen Manage Routes [sync with phone][Auto Select] Launch Preferences Tutorial and Help
Information Panel#1 Information Panel#2 Developer information [cpu stats, memory stats, screen on time, screen off time, cpu while screen off, etc]
Swipe left/right to zoom in/out
Tilt is a preference, though it could be done as a button I suppose
Exit screen (might include other stuff)

Preferences Activity

Looks like a standard Andriod Wear settings page (not like a standard Android settings page!)

Heading (scrolls up)
When On Show… (icon) Map, Route, Track (icon) Map, Route (icon) NoMap, Route, Track (icon) Just Route
When Off Show… (icon) Map, Route, Track (icon) Map, Route (icon) NoMap, Route, Track (icon) Just Route
GPS Phone Only Watch When Needed (if possible)
Currently just RotateMap (current) travel direction (future)live compass (future)North Up (aka Lite mode/disables tilt) (future)North Up/No Tilt
Current: Update Less often in ambient Update Frequency When On… [2 sec,5 sec, auto] When Off … [2 sec,5 sec, 15 sec, 30 sec, 1 min, Auto Low]
Map .. Show zoom buttons Tap to zoom
Dev Options.. Reuse Google Map fragments Dont initialize Google Map Only tilted Map Show toast on fling

Route Management

Sync With Mobile list of routes with checkbox to auto display (hide/show if nearby)




  • Only use a single map now, reduced CPU, better responsiveness
  • using material icons where possible.
  • Fixed failing to come out of ambient mode


  • Merged UI code into base code for RouteDisplayGMaps wear .. and fixed a few compile issue. Looks like it works now


  • First cut at persisting routes on phone, no map icon, stored as JSON!, no “levels” of polyline


  • Sending encoded polylines instead of latlng, they’re much smaller for the routes I’m sending
  • Manage Routes on wear is now just about functional, interesting that the lite mode draws the route far worse than the full mode
  • Can’t scroll in either mode
  • Can’t zoom in lite mode
  • in full mode had to add a 1px border to get swipe to look better (1/3 column issue again!)


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