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Tuesday, 15 April, 2008


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Once in a while, viagra buy probably slightly under once every couple of years I read a book that deserves the title Great. These books truly stand out from the crowd and bear re-reading. These books have more than just a good story, pills they “sing” as Charles De Lint once said.

  • Robin McKinley – Sunshine
    An incredible book, I’m forever amazed that it isn’t still on the shelves, even if only in the Vampire Fiction section, it blows away any Laurell K Hamilton I’ve ever read. If you can find this book Buy It!
  • Mary Gentle – Ash
    A damn fine read, though a little gory in places. A different Mary Gentle story once engaged me so much I stopped imagining and started experiencing the scene.
  • Guy Gavriel Kay – Sailing to Sarantium


Books that I will read more than once, but which simply don’t make it into the Great list.

  • David Brin – All the uplift series.
    Brin is a remarkably consistent author, and is always on my to-buy list.
  • Charles De Lint – The Newford series
    Not quite as consistent as Brin, but still generally worth the risk, Charles De Lint is sometimes blamed with popularising the Contemporary Fantasy genre.
  • Patricia McKillip
    I’m not singling out any sequence of this lady’s books, but reading one of her books usually feels like listening to a particularly intricate piece of classical music.
  • Sheri S Tepper – The True Game set & Grass
    Simply good storytelling, I’m sorry to say that the majority of her later books don’t really do it for me, they feel a little “tired”


Books/Authors which are a “good” read but which I may never read again

  • Sharon Shin
    pretty much any of her books. I’m a sucker for a nice romance and that’s what she writes.
  • Lois McMasters Bojould – Paladin of Souls etc.
    Another consistent author, not great, but definitely worth reading. I’ve got my fingers crossed that she’ll suddenly write a Great book, I think she may be capable of it. She’s supposedly more famous for the Vorsogian set, but the only one I tried to read fell solidly in the Grotty category. Also has leanings to romance. Awwww sweet!


Like the great books I occasionally read a book that should be good but is completely unreadable.

  • Mary Gentle – Grunts
    This is one of the few books I’ve never finished. I’ve sold my copy.

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