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Sunday, 18 September, 2016

wharncliffe test

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Autoselect Routes to display : simply use bounding boxes

Alongside raw route information, visit web stash expected update frequency? So that long straight stretches where the rider isn’t expected to go wrong dont update as often, physician but as they approach corners the refresh rate goes up.

Segment the compass/bearing rotation so that there aren’t as many refreshes (depends on how strongly google redraw the map)
Allow the blue dot to move up the page a way before bringing it back to “below-center” .. again google may already do this

Tested code with a 15 second recording interval.
A couple of bug revealed themselves.
One where the code seemed to resurrect itself and then fell over because it had cleaned itself up.
One where the map stopped updating after I had accidentally “dismissed” the program while it was recording. Hopefully this will be reproducable.
One where it took longer than 15 seconds to get a good lock, rx and consequently the next 15 seconds boundary was fairly far away, page
though I feel that this may not actually be wrong.

Battery consumption was
Before run: 6% in approx 1h20m = 4% per hour
During Recording: 25% in 2h 10m = 11.5% per hour
While Running: 35% in 3h 5m = 11.4% per hour

so @15 second intervals (actually a little less) = 7.5% per hour
pretty decent .. would give about 7 hours recording on 80% battery .. and I think it could be improved by deleting some background apps from my watch..

Monday, 22 August, 2016

wearRoutes more testing

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I’ve been occasionally testing wearRoutes “recording” during my drive in.
I’ve found a number of problems, medical so far all seem to be related to the watch going into “Deep Sleep” which means that the normal way of asking for code to run in e.g. 30 seconds often means it *doesn’t*.
Even when it does run the damn watch will go back to sleep while it’s waiting for some location data and so not get the data it wants.

I’ve worked around the second problem by acquiring a partial_wake_lock – aka forcing the watch to stay awake while it’s waiting for a decent GPS reading. Fortunately it looks like this won’t kill the battery (too much) because a usable location usually arrives within 10 seconds, ampoule meaning the watch can sleep for 20 seconds out of every 30. Not perfect, but not bad either.

The first problem manifests like so…
a) I schedule in some code to run in 30 seconds (this code asks for the Location)
b) The code actually runs anything upto 5 minutes later (varying considerably though usually about 1.5 minutes)

I’m going to have to delve even further into android and use the Alarm Manager — nothing seems to be trivial, or perhaps I’ve covered all the trivial stuff ūüôā

Tuesday, 9 August, 2016

wearRoutes real world test #2

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I’ve done some tweaking to try to reduce the battery usage and ran wearRoutes on my watch for 2 hours in “record” mode, hygiene almost entirely on the “stats” screen, so no map burning, though I suspect that the stats screen actually burns more CPU than the map screen, since it has “bigger” updates.

This version differed from the previous version in may ways, but mainly the stats screen updates roughly 4 times a minute – though not actually at 15 second intervals due to this ‘n’ that.

The results were, interesting.

First the battery which drained pretty constantly at about 7..8% per hour – 14% in 2 hours (98% to 84% ), this is about half the rate at which the battery drained in the last test, so I guess I’m probably doing something right, though I was deliberately not “poking” it.

A few interesting features showed up in the location handling.

  • The “distance” travelled was at 2km before I even reached the end of the first field, and the logs show that it had briefly locked onto a cell tower with an appalling accuracy of 1.4km. So I need to discard poor accuracy points. A “feature” of these points is an elevation of exactly ZERO which is a nice little indicator.
  • The second feature is that it looks like all of the points are duplicated in the gpx log!I can’t tell if this is my code messing up or if it really truly did receive duplicate points! I’m really not sure where these are coming from, but there’s a fair chance they’re causing extra useless screen updates.
  • The “instantaneous” speed was mostly though not entirely missing from the data collected, it was present on the data with good accuracy

On the plus point I’ve separated the location gathering code from the rest of the system so it should be fairly easy to sort out.

To Do

  • filtering to exclude the “elevation = 0.000” points, a quick test produces a track with no particularly noticeable speed spikes, though there are a few “gaps” in the logs that way.
  • See if I can rework the location gathering to be “persistent” about getting quality data, this should have a side effect of getting more valid “instant-speeds”.

Tuesday, 1 October, 2013


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Long silence, skincare broken by me droping Guild Wars 2 and taking up Final Fantasy XIV A Real Reborn, drugs FFXIV for short.

I’m enjoying it, it doesn’t have quite the same “suck-in” that GW 2 had, but it is a slower paced game. Slower suits me well, I’m not as twitchy as I used to be.

There are quite a substantial number of improvements in this re-release over the previous version, for starters it’s quite playable.

Two things I miss from the old game though;

  • The dialog has been toned down, it used to be slightly risqu√©, but there seems to be a lot less of that, I suspect that what is still present in the game is a case of cut&paste from the previous version.
  • The cut scenes are more first person, in the previous version, as far as I played it at least, I was given the impression that I was a lowly adventurer overhearing, and being caught up in, bigger things. I felt that this quite suited a role-playing environment. Our characters aren’t special, at the low levels, even humble sheep could give us a run for our money! I find it a little immersion breaking when I’m greeted by NPC’s as if I were the saviour of the world.

I was really surprised to discover that I had to do dungeons to progress my personal story-line. A surprisingly nice idea. It’s a big jump for me to group together with other players and do group content,¬† being forced into it is exactly what I needed to get me over the initial reluctance. On the down side the “Duty Finder” (automatic LFG”) is not world specific, so there is little chance of making any real-friends.

Will post again soon about how broken the economy seems at the moment.

Tuesday, 2 October, 2012


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I was out in my gold to pounds conversion by 100 times! I’ve corrected the post now.

Friday, 14 September, 2012

Guild Wars 2 is a blast

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last post was from me in the stress testing phase, approved since then the final version of GW2 has been released.

I’m having a total blast so far. I’m still in the trying out playstyles phase, patient at this point I’ve tried Mesmer, Ranger, Engineer and Elemental. Elemental seems to be me, though I was quite enjoying the Engineer also.


Tuesday, 10 April, 2012

Flowers the Archer

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I’ve got 2 characters in FFXIV.. the subscription model is not what I was expecting.

For FFXIV you pay a base subscription of about ¬£4/month… that gets you nothing as far as I can tell.

Then extra characters cost about £2.10. So the minimum fee is really about 6 pounds a month.

I have a thaumaturge and an archer. Both on Ragnarok and both with the same surname Equiphile.


Heres a screenie of my Archer taken from a cutscene, patient so the image quality is a fair bit better than when I’m actually playing.

Sunday, 8 April, 2012

That’s wierd

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This week I finally managed to level Flowers the smuggler up to the end of Chapter 1 of her storyline.

And then I stopped playing. Cancelled my subscription and everything.

That was a surprise, information pills even to me, recipe but then I went and subscribed to Final Fantasy XIV. Yup, that old game that isn’t actually very good!

I think my main reason for going back to FF XIV is twofold; I really didn’t get on with the lack of¬†humour¬†in SWTOR while FFXIV has a decent amount of this seasoning. There’s something about the graphics in FFXIV that does it for me.

The UI, despite the recent patches, still smells, and it is still a grindy game. But it’s much less of a shock after coming from SWTOR than it was after coming from WOW.

Anyway, there you are.. I’m now playing a different MMORPG again.

Monday, 2 April, 2012


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I’ve been playing quite a bit, buy information pills mostly trying to get to the end of¬† “Chapter 1” in the smuggler’s class story. It’s not gone too badly, see at level 29 I managed to complete all of the quests up to what I think is the final quest, where I get to kill the bugger that nicked my starship way back on the starting planet.

Most of the quests were some levels above me and required judicious use of crowd control and the Stealth Generator Overload spell, I’m not sure of it’s real name, but basically it takes you out of combat – much like WoW Hunter’s Feign Death. Basically I was taking the fights in 2 phases.. the first was to CC the main elite and then whittle away at the “support” mobs that have low health and do too much damage. Then disengage and switch to full on healer mode for the main boss where I concentrate entirely on keeping Corso Riggs (tank) alive and let him slowly, oh so slowly, beat the boss down.

Unfortunately the last fight is a one-on-one with a level 33… 4 levels above me. Too rich for my liking, so I’ve gone back to grind a few levels before I try again.


While I’ve been tootling around I’ve seen a number of “interesting” comments in General Chat, to do with other players “having to “re-roll” new characters on the Red Eclipse because their previous server was too low population to be worth playing on.

This resonated with me because, basically, that’s exactly what I’ve done.. left my Munqui character on “Hidden Beks” and come back here.

General Chat is also quite full of adverts for guilds… this is mildly interesting because when I see one I usually go to /who and do a hunt for members of the advertised guild, 95% of the time there’s no more than 5 members of the guild online..

Monday, 19 March, 2012

Smuggling again

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Unfortunately the server that the Munqui Tribe picked has become a bit low population…and there doesn’t seem to be many Munquis online either. So after grinding my Jedi consular up to the end of “chapter 1” (level 30 something) I’ve gone all the way back to my original server, check The Red Eclipse and guild, thumb The Casual Travellers.

Odd that the reason I stopped playing on Red – population – is, in the end, the reason I’ve gone back to it.

Anyway i’m now back to playing a smuggler, when I left she was about level 19 and not finding it easy. I tried respeccing as DPS but didn’t seem to find it any easier. So it was back to healer after spending a level pew-pew-ing.

I don’t know what has changed, but it seems a bit easier, nothing like as easy as levelling a consular, but doable.

One thing that did give me some difficulty was getting money for speeder bike training. As a smuggler healer I tend to avoid fights, sneaking everywhere, an unexpected consequence is that I don’t pick up a lot of loot…and don’t make a lot of money that way. I ended up having to spend time on the “galactic market” selling earpieces. Fortunately I was really lucky, and there was just about nobody selling in the level range I could make, and,¬†because this is a well populated server, there were actually some customers. Also working in my favour – there aren’t many earpiece drops.

That out of the way…

Playing a smuggler at least gives you some fun responses, unlike Blizzard, Bioware don’t seem to think we need much humour in SWTOR. And that made levelling my humourless consular a bit less fun than I’d like. Even his “wiseass” responses came across as more dickish than smart. Smugglers on the other hand do at least really know how to be smartasses and have even been known to crack a joke or two!

Consulars are just so far up themselves they never see the light of day – In my very humble opinion.

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