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Thursday, 4 September, 2008

Flowersz RP

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So here’s an attempt at maybe creating a personality for Flowersz. As is normal, health this is a work in progress.

Rather than go full on role-playing Flowersz mostly has the same traits that I have, resuscitator most of the exceptions are because she fancies men, story and being a bloke I fancy women.

Attitude: basically shy.

With perhaps a light touch of Autism in her personality. While being a team player Flowersz takes some time to warm to people, once she feels she know you she relaxes but can go too far and be direct, sometimes to the point of rudeness. Frequently shy around men she sometimes forgets herself and says the kind of thing that really should be kept inside her head. Will occasionally swear like a stevedore when excited, perhaps she’s the child of some miners? She loves a good laugh.


Revels in others’ displays of affection. Keeps a Romantic Picnic basket and dress in the bank, has occasionally been known to bring them to raids. No one currently in the frame. Prefers men with beards but a Draenei with a nice tail will make her hooves warm-up.


Very much a practical sort of girl, and generally prefers trousers to skirts – skirts are too difficult on stairs. She has a “special” outfit, but keeps it for very very rare occasions.

Frequently seen:

Getting the wrong end of the stick. Sometimes intentionally. /faceslap could be her most frequent emote.

Birthday, Place of Birth:

Unknown, Flowersz lost most of her memory when the Exodar Crashed and has never been able to find any records, presumably these were in part of the data core that was never recovered. For the most part Flowersz memory starts when she awoke from “suspension”, though even then her memories are still pretty vague.

In truth Flowersz isn’t actually too bothered by the lack of what is to her the distant past, though having a birthday to celebrate is definitely something she does miss. Otherwise she’s quite “laissez faire” about the whole “where did you come from” issue, she judges by the present.

Flowersz first significant memory is of the Stillpine Furlbog, which is how she got involved in Samanism, though she rarely goes back to her spiritual “home” to visit. A special place is set aside in her heart for Dornaa the little Shamanka she took around Azeroth in Childrens Week. Perhaps because she has no memory of her childhood she is enthralled by the young child’s progress.


Flowersz has calmed a lot as she has aged, once she used to channel her aggression into her original training as an Enhancement Shamanka, but now finds she gets a lot more satisfaction out of being an “enabler”.


She’s a pack-rat and rarely has much in the way of spare space, currently her bags contain: chocolate cake, some stale healing potions, and an old trinket or two and loads of old bits of tin.

Favourite place:

Nagrand, to her this is a place designed for lovers of the Elements and the open. Ever since the crash, and possibly before that though she can’t remember, Flowersz has had a dislike of enclosed spaces. This is always a little in conflict with her mining profession, she constantly thanks the elements that most of the buildings in Outland have such high ceilings.

Hated place:

Stranglethorn vale, all those animals running amok, pirates, enclosed with woods and forests – what is there to like?


Not much, a weak smile is pretty much all she usually manages, though when she looses it she can be incapable for ages, the littlest thing will set her off again.


Arrogance, “prove it” could be her catchphrase. Also living in the future, probably having no memory of her childhood her has made her dubious about the future, the world always seems to be ending and doesn’t appear to be settling down any time soon. Night Elf warriors, just something about them always seems to rub her up the wrong way – so full of themselves.


Druids, she sees as having taken a different path with similar values, they are about life, while she is about the elements, all part on one wheel. Grassy plains, soft turf just made for galloping over. Tails, she can’t quite seem to get over how most folk have such uninteresting bums.

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