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Friday, 14 November, 2008

Two collection Quests of varying difficulty.

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Your trusty hero, hospital me, is far away from home in the town of “sister-in-law” when he spots a couple of nice yellow exclamation marks. One of them has been there for a while, the “Buy a new TV for the bedroom” quest, it’s not one that gives a particularly major upgrade to his kit which is why it’s not yet been completed. But the new one, now this one only appeared at midnight, and it’s to “Collect 1 white box of Itching Rash”. Two quests, one location, the mystical zone of “PC-World”, less running around for easy XP! I take both quests.

A quick check of my quest helper says talk to the “Tech-Guy” and hand over some gold for the TV item, it looks pretty simple and I’ve enough gold. The other quest is completed by finding a white box, comments on wowhead say these are quite common and should be found lying around all over the zone.

The journey to the zone of “PC-World” is easily completed in about 15 minutes and I look for some white boxes on my way to talk to the “Tech-Guy” to do the TV quest. No joy, perhaps they’re all farmed out, though there don’t seem to be many players around.

While waiting for the Tech-Guy to open the trade window (the lag in these new zones is legendary) I spot another player with one of the white boxes. First quest completed I open up an “interaction” window with the “tech-guy” in case he can give me more pointers on how to complete the “white box” quest. The text reads: “We should have some of those in the back, try talking to one of the ‘salesman’ mobs”. Very helpful.

I tag the “checkout” mob and ask him for more info. “We should have some behind the sign for ¬£299”. Tootle, tootle, jog, jog. Nope, no sparkly glows there! I check the quest description again, and it says “salesman”. Doh! I tagged the wrong mob!

This time I manage to tag the right mob, a “Salesman”, a “Useless Salesman” to be specific, I hope it’s the right sort, I can’t see any others around. “Can you help me find the white box?” I type. He turns around and starts wandering aimlessly all over the zone, pausing now and again to wring his hands, eventually he comes back to me and says “We don’t have any on display, shall I go and ask the others?” Pause. I notice he’s become untagged, tag him again and click, there’s two options “Yes Please” and “Attack”, I’m in my PVE gear so I resist my normal inclination and pick “Yes please.”. Off he walks¬† (why do mobs only run when they’re angry?), there’s still some bugs in this zone as you tell by watching his weird pathing on the way to some other “Useless Salesman” mobs hidden in a side room. Eventually he returns, again via a tortuous route, and says “We’ve got some around the back.”. Pause. Pause. Pause. Pause. Suddenly he shuffles and says “Would you like me to get one?”. Damn Lag, that was like half a minute! And he’s gone untagged again – I hope he doesn’t start evading. Click, open an interaction window, click on “Yes please” again (not attack!). Woot! Right choice! Off he goes and returns with one white box! Quest complete!!!!!

Sheesh! And even Foshizle! What is it with PC-World! Biggest release of the week and they’ve got none on display. When tagged they will begrudgingly bring you one box and it doesn’t even occur to them to restock the bloody shelves! If it weren’t the “Tech-Guy” who missed out on the “all salesmen memo” telling everyone to keep quiet about the new release I’d have gone home empty handed!

Anyway quest complete, I have now got a copy, and I have installed it, and I haven’t caught the boat to Northrend yet.

So my advice to you, if you can’t find the quest objective, don’t give up, spend another 15 minutes asking tagging random mobs and players and you too can climb to the heady heights of level 70.00001 instead of being a mere level 70.

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