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Tuesday, 15 April, 2008

avatar images

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here’s a page where all my different autogenerated avatar images can be seenGrumpyCoder, medstore attempt #2, made with reference to a screen snapshot.


I have found a new site: 3darmory that is a bit buggy, but lets you see your toon in all their gear.With a bit of effort you can even customize skin color, hair, etc and generate screenshots, though they don’t update on the fly.

According to 3dArmory, as best I can manage, Flowersz is:

Hair: 10 – sassy, Hair color: 6, Face: 9, skin color: blue (8), facial hair(horns): 5

Skin colour might be 0,8,9

Face could be pretty much any.

Flowersz face:9, skin:0 hair colour:6, hair Style:9, Horns: 5


Grumpy Coder attempt #1 the hair is quite wrong on this one.
hairStyle: 0, Skin: 0, horns: 5, Face: 3, Hair Colour: 1


This is what Fflowers looks like.

DKP Sigs


Munqui Tribe sig:



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