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Wednesday, 21 September, 2016

Wear Routes Optimizations and TODO

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A ridiculously long, information pills unsorted list of every feature I can possibly think of

  • ?Pick a name! – Naming this WearRoutes track/route/course follower
  • ?Support GPX
  • Support KML/KMZ
  • ?Open from Storage (may need a file manager installing)
  • ?Open from Google Drive (natively provided)
  • Requirement: Low Battery usage (button to set Low/Medium/High)
  • ?Function: Record ride/run – currently limited to storing gpx only in /sdcard/wearRoutes
  • Function: Google Fit interaction (let google fit know you’ve started an activity)
  • Map: Display all routes that will show (cull out-of-sight routes if CPU is used for these)
  • ? Map: Display a breadcrumb
  • ? Map: Change the display of the map [options: route (always), link roads/blank, buy cialis breadcrumb]
  • ? Map: Change the display of the map in ambient mode (as above)
  • Map: keep blue dot in bottom half or third of screen
  • Map: display Waypoints (start, [1], [2] .. [9]) for checkpoints, crewpoints etc.
  • Map: Change the display of the map (North-Up, Direction of travel UP, Compass UP)
  • Map: Change the display of the map (Tilted / Flat)
  • Map: Several pre-defined modes (sat-nav, paper)
  • ? Map: Scale bar
  • ?Route Management: Can hide routes (for multiple routes in same area)
  • Route Management: Name routes (for usability)
  • Route Management: Delete routes (for maintenance)
  • Route Management:Preview Map
  • ? Route Management: show name
  • Route Management: show length
  • Route Management: show distance
  • Route Management: show only this
  • Route Management: sort by name / date / distance
  • Preference: Select Km/Miles
  • Preference: ???
  • Stats: Display Stats when recording
  • Stats: Hide stats display if not recording
  • ? Stats: Current Time (clock)
  • ? Stats: Duration
  • ? Stats: distance travelled
  • ? Stats: average speed
  • Stats: speed (?instant / last 30 secs/1 minute/5 minutes)
  • Stats: pace (options as above)
  • Stats: max speed
  • Stats: technical: GPS last updated
  • Stats: technical: Last fix accuracy
  • Stats: technical: using phone / watch
  • Open on Phone, transfer to watch
  • Re-Sync with Phone / watch
  • Pre-Cache google maps (requires investigation to see if caching on phone is sufficient)
  • Load all routes on startup
  • Auto hide routes (if needed)
  • Vibrate when off route (requires a selected route)
  • Vibrate when approaching corners.
  • ?Standard Wear Grid view (mostly)
  • ?Swipe to Zoom in/Out instead of tap and/or zoom buttons
  • 1/2 Notification if swiped off screen for easy resume.
  • Resume where left off when swiping to dismiss?
  • Very Low battery usage if not recording and not visible
  • Low battery usage when Ambient
  • GPS Update Frequency configurable
  • ? GPS Ambient Mode update Frequency
  • Prefs: Phone: clear default app for opening gpx (avoid getting into the state where can’t open from email/file browser/downloads) (stackOverflow)
  • Phone: register handler for opening a gpx file! (stackOverflow)
  • Phone: remember last location when browsing to open?
  • Live Beacon for crew. options:Glympse, ?Swarm?, Connect, Family Locator
  • ?Segmented bearing to avoid over active map refreshes
  • Intelligence: ignore stationary when working out bearing
  • Intelligence: switch to magnetic direction when stationary?
  • Intelligence: auto segment route so can do in random order and direction!
  • Intelligence: Auto Stop (consistently faster than ?? mph and far off route)
  • Intelligence: Auto Stop (when finished?)
  • Intelligence: Auto Start (when sufficuently far along a route)
  • Intelligence: Auto Select Route (when unambiguous and at least 1 km along route)
  • Intelligence: Auto reverse route
  • Intelligence: simplify route by real distance not lat/lng
  • ?Intelligence: simplify complex routes
  • Intelligence: provide multiple levels of simplification to reduce drawing time
  • Open from Email / Downloads / File Browser / Dropbox / MyMaps / GPSies / strava
  • Upload/Export to Strava / GPSies/ Drive / Dropbox / File System / MyMaps
  • ? Battery Save: enable Ambient
  • ? Battery Save: don’t rotate constantly
  • Battery Save: disable animations for “normal” behaviour
  • ? Battery Save: reduced frequency position updates when in ambient
  • Battery Save: reduced frequency position updates when moving slowly compared to zoom (may impact distance accuracy?)
  • Battery Save: dont update map unless it’s really visible (frag.isMenuVisible(), frag.isVisible(), override setUserVisibleHint(isVisibleToUser), ask the gridPager, getView() != null && getView().isShown())

Tested code with a 15 second recording interval.
A couple of bug revealed themselves.
One where the code seemed to resurrect itself and then fell over because it had cleaned itself up.
One where the map stopped updating after I had accidentally “dismissed” the program while it was recording. Hopefully this will be reproducable.
One where it took longer than 15 seconds to get a good lock, medical and consequently the next 15 seconds boundary was fairly far away, prosthesis
though I feel that this may not actually be wrong.

Battery consumption was
Before run: 6% in approx 1h20m = 4% per hour
During Recording: 25% in 2h 10m = 11.5% per hour
While Running: 35% in 3h 5m = 11.4% per hour

so @15 second intervals (actually a little less) = 7.5% per hour
pretty decent .. would give about 7 hours recording on 80% battery .. and I think it could be improved by deleting some background apps from my watch..
Track Polyline / PolylineOptions
Optimization PolylineOptions: It is possible to add points individually to a PolylineOptions, human enhancement
so it should be possible to keep a single polylineoptions of the track and turn it into a polyline as new points are addded
Optimization Polyline: a Polyline exposes a method setPoints .. so once created it should be possible to avoiding the need to do map.addPolyline – may be slightly easier on memory, though copies of points are taken so potentially not a great improvement in performance. Would have to trust Google to be as optimal as possible on duplicate points (whatever it is they do with them)

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