2015 route map

Rider information


No crewing on Blidworth village or on Cross Lane south of Providence Farm.

To prevent cross contamination of any disease please do not share water buckets or allow your horse to rub noses with any other.

Vetting / start times



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Saturday 4 April
    1. 160km FEI3*
    2. 120km FEI2*
    3. 90km FEI1*
    4. 160km Elevator
    5. 80km CER
    6. 80km GER
    Sunday 5 April
    1.  60km GER
    2. 40km GER
    3. 40km Novice GER
    4. 30km GER
    5. 30km Novice GER
    6. 40km PR
    7. 30km PR
    8. 20km PR
    9. 80km GER (new class)

    Entries to :
    Claire Conway
    8 Edison St
    Annesley Woodhouse
    Kirkby in Ashfield
    Notts NG15 9HDT

    EGB entry form (PDF on EGB website)

    Enter online (from EGB website)

    Entry fees (on EGB website)

    Closing date:23 March 2014

    Last entries online: 30 March 2014