Lindum welcomes Bon Appetit this year. Food will be available from  Wednesday afternoon onwards. Breakfasts from early Thursday morning.


Racecourse stabling is available at £20 for a night, with some bedding provided. You will also be required to pay a £20 deposit refundable on inspection when you vacate your stable. This deposit must be paid with entry. You may not bring your own bedding.Additional bedding is available from the venue manager (via the secretary) at £8per bale. (This can be pre-booked with entry) There is a daily stable valet service; also stables may be cleared by the stable manager for a £20 fee. Arrangements must be made directly with the stable manager who is positioned in the stable yard. Please detail any special instructions at time of entry (stabling next to specific horse etc.)

Camping is available at the venue at a cost of £5 PER NIGHT. This is payable on all forms of camping (tent, car, caravan, lorry etc.) It is a per site fee, not per person. Please book and pay with entry. Tents will be separate from the corralling field. No horses are permitted on this area at any time. There is also a Caravan club site adjacent to the venue,offering extended facilities. Enquiries and bookings there should be made directly with the site. Tel: 01673 842307.

All corralling now will be subject to £15 refundable deposit payable with entry, ON A SEPERATE CHEQUE . On departure corrals will be inspected and if appropriate refunds made. Please show good manners and patience at the end of your stay, our helpers are volunteers! Full time corralling is available at £10 per horse, per day. Daytime corralling is available at £5 per day. These corrals will be in a separately defined area. No horses in these corrals before 6am or after 8:30pm. All corrals must be kept clean. They must be electrified and labelled with the corral tags provided for which a £1 deposit will be required. This is a health and safety requirement and will be strictly enforced!

Other facilities
Ample civilised toilets, washing facilities and showers. Water points and skips on both fields and in the stable yard. Elsan pit for campers' chemical toilet emptying. There will also be a portable toilet facility on both fields, for night-time use only

Alternative Accomodation

Trade stands

There will be a variety of all the favourite trade stands with an Endurance theme attending for the duration of The Lindum. These will be situated in front of the Red Rum bar.

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